HUA YANG Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded by a team of enthusiastic researchers and developers. Our departmental managers have had more than a decade of various experiences in the semiconductor, substrates, and touch screen industries. Huayang has been dedicated to developing and testing visual equipment corresponding to automated equipment. Our company is capable of developing the most suitable equipment for inspection, measurement, and automated production, to help our clients shorten their production time and reduce labor costs, and further meet their ultimate goal of reducing costs.

Company Overview

Established October, 2012
President Terry Chiu
Capital USD 1,666,668
Employees 50 people

HQ: Tainan

Office: Tainan & Hsinchu

AutoOptics Inspection、Machine Vision、Algorithm developed、Image library developed、 High precision stage developed、Auto feedback control、Laser  application、LD&UnLD、 Packing&Unpacking、TCU Systems、etc.