Hua Yang Pricision Machinery Co., Ltd commonly referred to as Hua Yang Precision(HY), was established on October 9, 2012. The company primarily engages in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of visual imaging-related inspection equipment, automation devices, and customized imaging modules. It is composed of a passionate team with managers who possess over ten years of experience in the semiconductor, panel, and touch panel equipment industry.
      HY specializes in researching and developing visual inspection equipment, testing, and corresponding automation devices. Leveraging the differences in manufacturing processes across various factories, HY develops a wide range of inspection, measurement, and automated production process equipment. Their goal is to assist clients in shortening production cycles, optimizing labor resources, and ultimately reducing costs.
      As Industry 4.0 gains momentum and labor shortages drive factory automation trends, deploying machine vision and integrating it with production processes becomes increasingly crucial. HY focuses on precision platforms, automation equipment, high-speed image inspection, and customized imaging modules. By replacing manual visual inspection with line scan by machines, HY maintain inspection standards within customer specifications. Additionally, HY AI system helps identify various defects, aiding clients in analyzing pre-process defects.
      HY stands out as one of the few domestic companies dedicated to professional automatic optical inspection equipment. From equipment research, design, and manufacturing to product marketing and technical support, the company demonstrates high integration and autonomy. In recent years, with advancements in applications such as 5G, AI, and HPC, electronic components are evolving toward characteristics like low power consumption, high frequency, and compact size. As demand for advanced electronic components increases, the emphasis on intelligence and production yield becomes pivotal. AOI applications are expected to be a significant growth driver for the company, positioning it as a valuable service partner for comprehensive process and inspection systems.
Quality Policy

1.The chairman of the company has established, reviewed and maintained a quality policy that:
a) Applies to the purposes and circumstances of the company and to support  the strategic direction of the company
b) Provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives
c) Includes a commitment to meet applicable requirements
d) Includes a commitment to continue improvement of the quality management system
2.The Business Philosophy of company and Quality Policy
a) Will be used and maintained as documented information
b) Will be communicated, understood and be applied within the company
c) Where appropriate, it may be acquired by stakeholder groups
The company has posted slogans and placed it in obvious places at each control gate, such as company entrances, meeting rooms, break rooms, and factory work areas。
3.Business Philosophy:【Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility】
4.Quality Policy:【Excellent Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement】
        Quality Policy Statement
          4.1Company colleagues keep in mind the opinions of customers, value customer needs, and ensure that quality assurance is integrated into the production and service work of colleagues, so as to achieve customer satisfaction。
          4.2All colleagues of company must fully understand the significance of the quality policy, and the company should discuss the appropriateness of the quality policy at management review meetings。
          4.3We are committed to implementing and continuously improving the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System。
        We are determined to maintaining and commit to the achievement of the quality policy and to meet all requirements and continually improve the quality management system。
                                                            ----- This is our commitment -----
5.Quality Objectives
Each department shall establish relevant the key performance indicators and quality objective values based on the quality management system processes, quality policy and company strategic direction. The achievement of quality objectives shall be reviewed through regular management review meetings. The company implements detailed execution of quality objectives based on the quality policy every year。



Company Overview
October, 2012
Terry Chiu
NTD 159,000,000
60 people
HQ: Tainan
Office: Hsinchu & Taichung
AutoOptics Inspection、Machine Vision、Algorithm developed、Image library developed、 High precision stage developed、Auto feedback control、Laser application、LD&UnLD、 Automation system、etc.